Gmail Login Page Inbox FAQ

This article features tips on how you can make the most from Gmail and what you can do in your Gmail Inbox Page. If you are looking for help regarding Gmail Login Page, you may want to go to our Gmail Login Sign in FAQ post.

Despite being living in the 21st century where everything is about technology, old folks like us will often still find simple things like accessing and using Gmail so hard that we would rather read the classic mail than an electronic one. And that’s why we wrote this so we can reach out to people like us who have problems with Gmail Login Inbox Page.

How to Delete, Archive or Label an Email

Surprisingly you can’t see the delete, archive or star options before selecting an email. New folks will not know where they are when they really want to look for them. Below is a screenshot of where these options are.

Gmail login page inbox faq delete archive star

In order for the options to be shown themself, select emails that you want to delete, archive, label or anything else you want to do with them, the options will then appear. Another surprise is that they appear as icon. And again, old folks like us may now know what they actually are. To learn what each of these icons is, move your mouse on top of each one of them and a text will appear telling you what they are. A side note: To bookmark (we call it star) an email, simply click on the Star button beside the email you want to save (if they are important and if you may want to get back to the email next time).

Where is the Spam and Trash folder

This is one of the most commonly asked questions disregard how pro a person is in computing. These folders are well hidden without an obvious unhide button. If you are a regular internet visitor, and if you often register accounts from websites, you may find that most of these confirmation emails will get shot right into the spam folder. That’s what make the Spam folder rather important. Gmail certainly shouldn’t hide this folder by any mean.

To go to the spam folder or trash folder, click on the “More labels” text link below all the labels on your sidebar. The folders will then appear and you can click on them.

gmail login page spam folder

How to Sign Out of Gmail

It is always safe to Sign out or logout from Gmail before you leave your desk, especially if you were using a public computer anyone can use, so that the next person who use the computer may not be able to read your emails.

This may sound a little confusing but, if you tick the stay signed in checkbox when you sign in, or if the browser cookie doesn’t expire quickly (never mind this if it sounds too complicated for you), even after you have closed your browser, the next time you open the browser, your Gmail account will usually be automatically signed in.

So, our advice here is that you should log out whenever you leave Gmail.